Terms of Use

All items are copyrighted to the owner of ellenjayedesigns.com. No design may be sold or given away/shared in electronic form.

Purchased embrodery designs may be sewn onto articles for sale as long as they are not produced in commercial quantities. The limit for production is 10 items for sale per design per month (eg if you bought a set with three designs in it you could make up to 30 items for sale per month). There is no limit for the production of items for sale for the benefit of charities or school/club fund raisers, or for items to be given (not sold) as gifts. Embroidery designs are electronic design files only. They do not include the software or hardware necessary to transfer the designs to embroidery machines.

Purchased papercraft designs and artwork are for personal use. Personal use does allow you to sell small amounts of finished hand made cards and crafts for charity, fund raisers or at craft fairs but you can not mass produce and sell products using my artwork, resell my artwork, repackage my artwork and claim it as your own, or use it to create other electronic products for sale without purchasing an additional license.

If you have not  purchased a commercial use license:
You can not print Ellen Jaye  papercraft designs and sell them.
You can not cut shapes using the Ellen Jaye shape designs and sell the cut shapes.
You cannot not make scrap booking pages or kits for sale using Ellen Jaye products.
You cannot sell digital items made from my artwork including but not limited to graphic art, machine embroidery or cross stitch charts.
You may not give away or share any electronic files containing my artwork under any circumstances, with or without a licence.

Due to the nature of electronic designs, refunds cannot be made after purchase.