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TAME: The Art of Machine Embroidery

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Design set Collections
Ellen Jaye Collection Set 1 Ellen Jaye Collection Set 2
Individual Design Sets (each set sold separately)
brodierie Angalise 1-4 abstract 1 brodierie 2-9 mini rose double swag 17 VM1-A Owl 4 applique
Broderie Anglaise Lace 1 Abstract Applique Quilt Blocks for 8×8 Hoops Broderie Anglaise 2 Mini Rose Cross Stitch  Vintage Look Monograms 1 Lacey and Applique Owls
secret ingredient cartouch monograms 2-A monogram cartouche 1 ACBush9 WR4x4-2 wcc-9 Devon florals 1-1
Apron Sayings Cartouche Monograms 2 Useful Frames and Accents Australian Christmas Bush Wild Rose Mini Set for 4×4 Hoops 4×4 Cutwork Corners Devon Florals
P7120143 AQB2-9 cherry blosom quilt block8 sturt pea 9 large A9LCbottlebrush2 8x8 sturt pea 6 folk art spray 10 small
Verdure Australian Quilt Blocks 2 8×8, 4×4 & 5.5×8 Cherry Blossom Quilt Blocks Australian 10 Sturts Desert Pea  8×8 Australian Corners 8×8 Sturts Desert Pea  Folk Art 1
9x9vera1-1 seahorse 1 lg wattle small corner BD2-forgetmenot cnr LE2-2 damask rose quilt shell2 med
9×9 Vera FSL Doilies Aquamarine Sea Life Australian 9 Wattle Borders 2 Lace Edgings 2  Damask Rose Quilt Aquamarine Plants and Shells
cran1 IMG_2349 ademb-25 Ad2-bells christmas 3 snlowflake3-3in christmas4 wreath-4 ins LLE1-5 CNR MODIFICATION
Cranberry 3D flowers Advent Calendar Numbers Advent Calendar Motifs Christmas 3 Snowflakes & Phrases  Holly  Large lace Edging 1
8coornqb-4 HSQB-C5
Frankie Doilies  Louisa Doilies 2   9×9 hoop Cornflower Quilt Blocks 8×8, 5.5×8,4×4 Cornflower Quilt Blocks 9×9 Hoop 9×9 Louisa 3 Doilies Borders 1  4×4 Honeysuckle Quilt Block Elements
Ellen’s Winter Quilt Block Elements Ellen’s Winter Quilt Blocks Greeting Cards and Frames Greeting Cards 2 Louisa Doilies 1   9×9 hoop Asian Chrysanthemums  Fancy Linen 3
Tenerife Lace African Violet Quilt Blocks Steampunk 2 9×9 Brodie Doilies 9×9 Germaine Doilies Fancy Linen 2  Doilies 6
Doilies 5 for 8×8 hoops Bookmarks 5 Honeysuckle Quilt Blocks Madeline’s Treasures Quilt 9×9 Floral Garlands Cherry Blossoms 2 9×9 Poppy Quilt Blocks
Australian Quilt Blocks
Fancy Linen Edges and Corners
5×7 Folk Art Appliques
Gilded Cage Steampunk   Doilies 4 (5×7 hoop) Elegant Birds
Large Shirt fronts (6×10) African violets Pansy Embelishment Set Peaches & Cream Pansy Quilt Blocks Honeysuckle Blossoms 8×8 Mixed Florals 3 Applique Flowers
Peta Doilies Louisa Doilies Golly Doll 5.5×5.5 Mixed Florals 1 Mallory Doilies 8×8 Australian Florals
4×4 Japanese Fans
Sarah Lace Doilies Nancy Lace Doilies Japanese Cherry Blossoms Lace Motifs 5 8×8 Poppy Quilt Blocks Australian 7-Waratah Clown Doll

Japanese Fan Designs 5×7 Japanese Fan Designs 8×8 Briar Rose Quilt Flannel Flower Quilt Blocks Flame Flower Chrysanthemum
Bookmarks 4

Australian Christmas 2 Australian 6 Applique Stars  Floral Garlands 8×8 4×4 Mixed Florals 5 4×4 Floral Garlands Mock Orange
Mini Cutwork
Kokeshi Doll Appliques Katie Doilies French Fan Doilies 8×8 Venetian Scrolls 5×7 Venetian Scrolls Shirt Fronts
Scroll Accents Pretty Paisley
Lace 4 Ivy Geraldine Doilies Forget Me Not Floral Garlands

Australian Flannel Flowers Monograms 1
Briar Rose Red Australian Christmas 1 8×8 Scrap Appliques 5×7 Mixed Designs 1 4×4 Mixed Florals 4
4×4 Mixed Florals 3 4×4 Mixed Florals 2 4×4 Mixed Florals 1 4×4 & 5×7 Dresden Plates Tulips Rose Blush Poppy 2
Pansies 2 Lace Motifs 1 Lace Motifs 2 Fleur de Lys
Field Flowers Felicity Doilies Diana

Daisy 3 8×8 Brodie 1 8×8 Brodie 2 Bell Flowers Australian 5 Australian 2: Uniquely Australian Rosebuds 2
Australian 4 8×8 Mixed Florals 1 Tudor Rose Heirloom Grub Roses Alice Doilies Daisy 2 Brodie Long

Brodie Doilies Briar Rose Bookmarks 3 Blossom Scrolls Baby Blossoms  Australian 3 Yellow Blossoms
Rag Dolls & Clothes Ange’s Pansies 1 Bookmarks 1 Bookmarks 2 Cornflowers Quick & Easy 3 Daisies & Violets
Ange’s Wild Roses Dog Rose Rosebuds 1 Iris Juliana 1 Juliana 2 Just Violets
Kitchen Linen Lilac Roses Pockets 1 Pockets 2 Poppy 1 Quick & Easy 1 Quick & Easy 2
Trefoil Cutwork